The Charles City Rotary Club is distributing carbon monoxide detectors in the community.  This project titled “A Breath of Fresh Air” was made possible through funds raised by the club and a matching grant from the Floyd County Community Foundation.  A total of 400 detectors will be given to citizens free of charge to protect their homes from carbon monoxide poisoning. 
Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that cannot be seen or smelled.  Breathing high levels of the gas can cause severe illness or death in just minutes.  It can be caused by furnaces, water heaters, gas stoves and other fuel sources that need maintenance or are not well vented. 
Detectors will be offered initially to all licensed daycare providers and the families they serve, and senior citizens.  Preschools will also be included.  Staci Ackerson, the president of the Charles City Rotary Club, had a personal experience with carbon monoxide poisoning and promoted this project.  Chris Garden is the chairman of the Breath of Fresh Air campaign.  The Charles City Rotary Club continually promotes “Service Above Self” with a variety of public service activities throughout the year.