Saturday, April 16, 2022
Let us Egg your House - well, let us hide Easter Eggs at your home again this year! The volunteers of Charles City Rotary are bringing you a unique way to help you celebrate.
On Saturday, April 16, let us EGG your home! Sponsored by local Charles City Rotarians Ron James, Jane Larson, Larry Pump and Tami Vetter, we are "eggcited" to provide the opportunity to have the easiest egg hunt ever. With the help of a team of volunteers from Charles City Rotary, we will be sneaking around town the night of Saturday, April 16 from 7 pm-9 pm and hiding filled plastic eggs for your Easter egg hunt.
Whether it is a hunt just for one or the entire family, this is a great way to add fun to your day. Order an "egging" for your grandkids, the neighbors or your own kids - it's a great way to surprise them, no matter what age they are!